During the period of its activity, using its experts’ capabilities and continuous communication with various employers and using the technical knowledge of the day, it has been able to take high steps in various industrial fields and play a constructive role in various industries, especially the oil, gas, Water and power plants.

The company is currently working on a team of experienced managers and engineers who have previously accumulated valuable experiences in the project related to: Industrial (E) industries in the field of consulting, design, engineering, construction, installation and Operation of:

  • Storage tanks and pressure vessels
  • Fluid pumping and transfer systems and production of storage tanks (water, fuel, etc.)
  • Gas transmission systems
  • Steam production and transmission systems
  • Construction (mechanical and electrical) systems of construction, urban and industrial
  • Water and sewage treatment systems by physical and membrane methods
  • Oxygen, nitrogen, etc.(Air, Gas, Fuel, HVAC, – Utility systems) transmission, pumping
  • Urban and industrial water and wastewater treatment systems
  • Recovery systems for water and wastewater for reuse in industry and buildings, agriculture and …
  • Safety and security systems including fire alarm and fire alarm systems
  • Air Conditioning Systems and Building Thermal Systems
  • Control and automation equipment and data transmission
  • Structural and architectural operations of office, commercial and residential buildings

The management of the contract (MC) and E is active and, using a strong management board, to carry out industrial projects. In addition to purchasing and engineering, the purchase of these goods has also been with E. In this regard, in addition to offering services different employers work together.

Managers of Pars Virashid Company during their work life, while taking advantage of the technology of the day, have always tried to work in the field. Providing technical and engineering services in the aforementioned fields will maintain the necessary dynamism and have always tried to satisfy customer satisfaction as the biggest achievement of the project.