BOP of Veys Combined Cycle Power Plant

Balance of Plant (BOP) is all infrastructural and facilities with the exceptions of the main product producing facilities in a plant. The BOP is generally used in the power project to all the supporting facilities and auxiliary systems of a power plant needed to deliver the electricity, other than the generating unit itself. In the power plant, the BOP includes transformers, inverters, supporting structures, and control and monitoring systems of the entire plant, but not the turbine, generator, and generator step-up transformer, and all its elements.

In the VEYS combined cycle power plant (2×325 MW) project, engineering services, documentation, maps, confirmation of the plans submitted by the employer, purchase engineering, up to the stage of contracting with the manufacturers and suppliers, and obtaining the approval of the employer, as well as the guarantee and warranty of designs is the responsibility of Pars Virashid Engineering Consulting Co.