Utility Units in Parsian Refinery

PALAYESH PARSIAN SEPEHR Company (PPSC) intends to establish utility units by executing E Project of “PARSIAN C2+ Recovery & Fractionation”. Basic design performed by Consortium of HAMPA Engineering Corporation (HAMPA) and HAMPA Energy Engineering & Design Company (HEDCO). The project includes utility units equipped with required facilities. The plant is located in inside of MOHR city in FARS province, at the south of IRAN. The main facilities, which would be established per scope of the work in the contract, are as follows;

  • Air Unit.
  • Nitrogen Unit.
  • Sanitary Water Treatment.
  • Fire Fighting System.
  • Raw, Potable, Clarified& Fire Water Tanks.
  • Loading Pumps.

In the PARSIAN C2+ Recovery & Fractionation project, engineering services, documentation, maps, confirmation of the plans submitted by the employer, purchase engineering, up to the stage of contracting with the manufacturers and suppliers, and obtaining the approval of the employer, as well as the guarantee and warranty of designs is the responsibility of Pars Virashid Engineering Consulting Co.